Stylized Rifle Using PBR Materials
Michael jake carter right side image

Right Side View

Michael jake carter up close image

Up Close View

Michael jake carter left side image

Left Side View

Michael jake carter wireframe image

Wireframe View

Michael jake carter texture maps

PBR Material Texture Maps- Albedo, Rough, Metalness, and Normal Map

3D Model : Stylized Rifle Using PBR Materials - Sketchfab

Stylized Rifle Using PBR Materials


Tris - 7750
Texture Maps 1024 x 1024


I set out to develop a low poly 3D stylized rifle model that would use a PBR Material pipeline with Roughness, Metalness, Normal and Albedo Map. This weapon would be used in a game were the theme is very stylized while still using realistic lighting and materials. The concept, model and texture maps were all created by me.


Create efficient low poly model. (Check)
Stay within the stylized theme. (Check)
Use PBR pipeline and method to create realistic lighting and materials. (Check)
Can it be rigged, animated and ready for game usage. (Check)

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