Fantasy Zoom Goggles & Backpack
Michael jake carter front image

Front View

Michael jake carter close up image

Close Up View

Michael jake carter mcarter fantasy zoom goggles backpack back image

Back View

Michael jake carter wireframe image

Wireframe View

Michael jake carter texture maps

Texture Map - Diffuse

3D Model : Fantasy Zoom Goggles & Backpack - Sketchfab

Fantasy Zoom Goggles & Backpack


Tris - 6506
Texture Map 1024 x 1024


I wanted to create low poly 3D models that would use a diffuse map only, in homage to the older fantasy games. After some thought and concept sketches I decided that I was going to create goggles and a backpack that would fit well within a fantasy world as either props or used on a character model. The concepts, models and diffuse map were all created by me.


Use a fantasy style for the model and texture map. (Check)
Create efficient low poly models. (Check)
Use only a diffuse map for both models textures. (Check)
Have the goggles and backpack feel similar in nature. (Check)
Can it be rigged, animated and ready for game usage. (Check)

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